Mouth Cancer

Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer is the other common name for oral cancer. The mouth cancer signifies the cancer in any part of the mouth and the various structures that are inside the mouth. Some of the common structures that are affected in a person who is suffering from oral cancer are the tongue, lips, cheek , gums, in the roof or the bottom of the mouth. In fact, any structure inside the mouth may be affected by cancer in mouth cancer.

Causes of mouth cancer

There are a lot of causes for oral cancer or mouth cancer to occur. There are some common causes that are the chewing of tobacco. In fact, this is the most common cause of mouth cancer. People who smoke are also at risk of suffering from mouth cancer. Alcohol consumption that is beyond the normal permissible levels can also cause the person to suffer from mouth cancer. Though these are the common causes of mouth cancer, people who chew betel nuts, people who have suffered any radiation therapy or have an abnormal diet can also be affected with mouth cancer.

Prevention of mouth cancer

There are some simple methods that can be used to prevent mouth cancer. These methods include avoiding those things that cause cancer of the mouth. Prevention of mouth cancer includes avoiding smoking and chewing betel nuts, tobacco. Regular and proper oral care is also an important aspect of preventing mouth cancer.

Signs of mouth cancer

There are certain signs that can help to identify the presence of mouth cancer. The presence of mouth cancer can be identified clinically, though usually they are confirmed with a biopsy, which is the confirmatory test. Any sores or bleeding in the mouth that does not heal quickly is the most important method of identifying the presence of mouth cancer.

Treatment of mouth cancer

There are various methods of treating the mouth cancer. The first step is to remove the mouth cancer by removing the tumor. The tumor is a mass or collection of tissue that is not behaving like the normal cells in the body. Once these cells are removed, the next step in the process of treatment is to put the affected person through a series of either radiotherapy or chemotherapy. In this, high doses of radiation or medicines are given to the patient. This helps to kill all the unwanted cells and also prevents the mouth cancer from spreading further.

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