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saddam hussein to be executed in a few hours…

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It is now official…the word coming just minutes ago across the wires: Saddam Hussein is scheduled to be hanged at 10 pm EST this friday evening. They have been trying to keep it secret as to not cause too much of a raucus over in Iraq and around the world. There is no doubt the former dictator is a real cold blooded bastard…anyone who chemically bombs a Kurdish village of 6000 men, women, and children is definitely so…but in light of the sectarian civil unrest right now in Iraq, along with the unpopularity of the war and overall discontention, this may not be the best time for such an event to occur. I feel this will only exacerbate the difficult situation our troops are having to endure as well.

“real love, compassion, commitment, strength, and responsibility”

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I have no answers…only feelings, passions, choices, and personal truisms Funny how some can only weak attempt to speak, express, or imply, their “dilemma” of living or being “close to the edge”…supposedly “looking over” with copious amounts of dramatic reflection and expression of themselves…and only themselves in the process You know, they’ve “been there done that, seen and done it all, gone to hell and back, I’m the only one with feelings of pain, despair, desperation …blah blah blah”…so selfishly thinking (but in no way really feeling) they are special and unique enough to be entitled to a reprieve of sorts…a break they so well have earned and deserve. For some this may very well be true, as I will comment on in a moment. Obviously, no one is that lucky nor spared from the common pangs of existence/Living… a painful truth as many have grown to realize and accept. Those that really stand out, according to my opinion and feelings, have been bold and unselfish enough to step out of themselves. They open up and freely give themselves and devote years of their already challenging existence to others around them. While at the same time dealing with the many other challenging aspects in Living that take courage and stamina: listening, responding, successful and/or attempted committed relationships, education, careers, faith, etc. But those that stand out the most…the ultimate of ultimates, are those who attempt and/or succeed in the truest test of Courage, Love, Strength, and Commitment: loving, raising, and supporting our and/or other’s children in the countless ways possible…then letting them follow their own path in their existence/Life as best as they know how. Unless you really feel you have given it your very best in this unselfish regard…then please, don’t insult yourself, me, or others with your incessant shallow bitching, posing, and/or complaining…it will have no affect on the true veterans of Life and will certainly fall upon deaf ears. You are nowhere in the same circle nor the same page with those who passionately know, feel, and live this truth everyday of their lives. However, it’s never too late to give of yourself to others. Don’t be afraid…for you are not alone and you will be a much stronger and better person having a better chance of holding up and living through this overwhelming yet intriguing veil of tears known as existence…until your very last dying breath.

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