Foxtel making it’s way to Xbox, the cinema to PS3

Foxtel making it’s way to Xbox, the cinema to PS3
I can''t believe this name was shouted down by the press club

Xbox Australia has officially announced today a new official partnership with Foxtel (one of Australia’s major pay-TV networks) to deliver pay-TV via the Xbox 360 console. Officially.

The move comes mere days after Sony’s announcement that they will be providing their own Movies-on-Demand service (spanning all the major movie studios no less) for the PlayStation 3 later in 2010.

Microsoft’s announcement basically continues the two consoles conflict as to who can provide the better media hub. Xbox already has it’s own pay-per-view movie streaming deal in Australia, while PlayStation owners freely get to make use of ABC’s wonderful iView catch-up program. Packages for the new Foxtel partnership haven’t been announced yet, but the announcement confirms that you will need both an Xbox Live Gold subscription and a seperate Xbox Foxtel subscription to recieve the service. So if you’re staunchly a Silver account holder, you’ll have to go Gold if you want your new pay-TV. Pricing is also yet to be announced, but I for one would keep in mind that these are the people who’d ask you to pay 200 wooden nickels MS Points for a single music video. Something to consider.

The new Xbox service is creatively titled “Foxtel by Xbox Live”, as if that was seriously the best name they could come up with. Why not BoxTel? Or FoxBox Gold? Anyway, if you’re interested you can head on over to the official announcement for full details and PR approved quotes. The word “innovative” will probably be used in there somewhere.

Both 360 and PS3’s new entertainment offerings will be available later in 2010.